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Emails are the primary mode of communication for business owners nowadays as things are in written format as well as sent out quickly. To send or receive emails, we need an email address which we can get from some free email providers like GmailYahoo, Rediff, etc. Moreover, we can create an email address on our own domain as well.

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You can choose any email address when you are a college guy, but when you enter into business, you have to be very professional while choosing a good professional email address because your email address is one of the first things that make an impression on your clients, contacts, and employer. In this post, I am going to discuss how you can choose professional email addresses for business along with some business email address ideas and examples.


A Few Things That You Must Consider Before Choosing A Professional Email Address:

  1. Use email on your own domain

Gmail and similar email services are quite easy for everyone, and we all have email addresses on them, but when we talk about professional email addresses for business, it is good to have the email address on your own domain. A few professional email address examples are, etc. The email address on your domain can be kept as per the department of your business to look more professional as you see in the examples.

Everyone can get email addresses from free email services like Gmail therefore when you send a business email; you must not use free emails but use email address of your own domain as it connects better to your client and would be clients. Many businessmen don’t give a damn to the emails that are sent using free emails if it is about doing business. It shows more trust and professionalism. There is a great benefit of having such professional email is that it is memorable. You cannot choose always because most probably it would have been already taken by someone else. But, you could have as you control the domain and email administration.

If you are having a website and hosted with some hosting provider, you can get free email address easily and you can create that in cPanel.

  1. Avoid numbers and nicknames in your professional email address

Even you create an email address on your own domain; you must take care of other things as well such as avoiding numbers and nicknames in the username.  To be more professional, along with having email id on own domain, do take care of choosing your username. I would not recommend you using nicknames and numbers in your business email address. However, if you are creating an email address to interact with your friends & family only, you can keep anything funny or your nickname. But, when we talk about business, always be professional in everything including the email address.

Professional Email Address Examples

  • Generic Usernames: If your business has different departments, you must keep generic usernames to each department such as,,,, etc. Such emails are also good to display on your website’s contact page.
  • First and Last Name: You can keep email address using your full name, for example, my name is Atish Ranjan then I can keep If your business has multiple employees, this structure suits quite well as you can easily differentiate when multiple employees have the similar first name, or some have similar last name. Some examples:,,,, etc.

You can see, there are some email address examples that have either similar first name or last name. So when you use the full name, it becomes easy to differentiate.

  • First Name Initial and Last Name: This is a quite popular structure for business email address ideas. It also helps you differentiate the email address in case of similar first names, and at the same time, the email address is small and memorable as well. Few examples:,,, etc.
  • First Name only: This is my most favorite and probably the best business email address idea. Few Examples:,, etc. But, there is a downside of this email address structure is that if you have multiple employees with the similar first name, then you cannot do it. Then again, you have to go back to another structure.Ffirst name, and last name initial: This is also nice in which you keep first name and initial of the last For example, I am not a big fan of this type of email address, but it does look professional.

So these are few professional email address examples that you can use for your business. Moreover, different email address structure can be kept depending on the work assigned to specific employees or anyone in the company. For example, is the best for showing the brand, and at the same time keeping your last name private but for your executive professionals, suits more.

Just keep all these professional email address examples in mind, and create them as per the requirement.

Now, you have enough business email address ideas with you now but let’s talk what you need to ignore while creating your professional email address.

Few things that you should avoid while creating your business email address:

  1. Don’t keep anything funny in your professional email address,/span>

If you are creating an email address just for fun, you can select some funny and humorous email address but for business, don’t be funny or don’t use any clever stuff in that. It’s good to keep email address around your name; combinations can be different as you read already above in this post.

  1. Ignore Flirty Email Address

No matter if you are creating an email address on your domain on or a free email service (in case you don’t own a domain), don’t keep flirty email address. You must have created such email address while you were in college. For example:,,, etc.
If you have such, just give up those and create a professional one. Never send professional emails using such email address as it doesn’t show up a good character of yours in front of your clients, would be clients or partners.

  1. Not a branded one

As I said, keeping the username of your email address around your name is the best thing you can do for keeping a professional image among whom you send emails. Never create an email address that looks unbranded such as,, etc.

  1. Don’t keep your designation in your email address

Never use your designation in your email address as it sounds cheap when it comes to business email address ideas. For example,, etc. Look at these, how unprofessional they look. They would have been better if only the names were there.

Some more email address ideas for business:

If you don’t find the ideas and structure of email addresses shared in this post interesting then you can look at these as well:

For example, if your name is Alexander Ellis, you can make various combinations and choose the one that you want:,,,, etc.

It is up to you to make combinations and choose the one you like, but I would still say that what I have mentioned under Professional Email Address example section above, are the best email address ideas for business.

Moreover, you can take help of some professional email address generator tools as well to generate some of the professional email ids.

Final Words

Email address is very important in the business because when you send an email to your customer that is the first thing they see. If that is impressive and easily memorable, they do remember it easily. Also, a good email address shows your brand which very important in the business.

I am sure you have gotten many professional email address examples in this post. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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